Oyer, orgins and about

I guess I could say the idea of Oyer the bubble man spawned long before I created this comic.

I think it started in Gym, I was getting changed and I noticed the boy oppisite me had a silly T-Shirt of a simple cartoon man in a tank saying: "To teh pub!"

It was silly, and I liked it straight away, for some reason it reminded me of the DeviantArt logo.

Well, the image struck and planted a simple seed in my mind, I soon started experimenting with Bubble Men on the Computer. Not very good ones, mind you, and hardly worth tuppence compared to what the evolved Oyer looks like today.

Oyer's final ellipsed shape started with one simple doodle in my Maths Jotter, it was Oyer just facing forward with: "Oyer has rights too" Scrawled underneath. That was the first ever Oyer strip, and it was also at that moment I had finaly made up a name for the solilotary figure. Of course Oyer soon flourished on every possible page in every possible jotter I have; most of the jokes I've incorporated here in the Webcomic.

The reason I made a WebComic...Well, I am a confessed obsessive, on Onlinecomics.net alone I have 302 Unread Updates a day from my faivorates, (of course I never got through them all); so you can imagine my intrest in making my own WebComic.

While I'm quite nifty at Manga drawing, often doodling that over my jotters too; I neither posess the will or the time to make a Manga strip, thus Oyer is the next best thing. And in my opinion, the most felxible.

Phlegm, how it got included

Of course I have to say a little about Phlemg; phlemg isn't actualy by me, but by the person I sit beside in maths (who is an excentric and slightly demented character I might add). Upon seeing the Oyer strips slowly flourish, the first thing she did was write silly Phlemg strips just to taunt me. In the end her strips got alot more personal, and soon Phlemg and Oyer were doing their best to kill each other off.

Although Phlegm is made by another person (and yes, it is a genderless bundle of snot) she is more than happy to let me add it to my Oyer strips, infact she encourages me to add more Phlegm ones, already taking sevral strips as desktop wallpapers. I've tried to encourage her to sign up to SmackJeeves, but she doesn't have an e-mail.

Well I hope you've enjoyed reading my rant, hopefully you're pointless lives have been filled with enlightenment and you will go on to be Budahs or something.